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Where Passion and Dedication Meet

The Black Down Syndrome Association is proud to present an amazing team of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of persons with Down Syndrome. Coming from various backgrounds and experiences, these five women are passionate about making a difference and their efforts have been instrumental in helping the organization achieve its goals.


Meet our two esteemed Founders and the three phenomenal women who make up our Board of Directors and learn more about how they are helping to shape the future of the Black Down Syndrome Association.

Crystal Lotterberry

Co-Founder/CFO-Vice President

Inspired by the lack of representation and desire to create a culturally competent safe space for Black families, this lifelong advocate and servant leader happily answered to call from fellow co-founder Kelli to come together to create a powerful organization that supports Black families and their loved ones with Down syndrome.

Kelli Caughman


The Black Down Syndrome Association is proud to be led by Kelli, a dedicated leader in the Down Syndrome Community. With a passion for providing families with better access to vital information, she is the perfect leader for the non-profit, driven by her experience as a mother of three children, one of whom has Down Syndrome.

Board of Directors

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